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Elgg Set to Offer Hosted Social Network Solution

Curverider, the company behind the Elgg open source social networking software, will begin sending beta invites for their hosted social networking service, Elgg.com, on June 14th. This is a paid service, with monthly subscriptions start at $29.95, competing head-to-head with Ning. Unlike Ning, Elgg.com will feature a full export tool, letting site owners who want […]

Why social networking sites need to pay attention to XAuth

As millions of social network developers discovered last week when Ning pulled the plug on free networks, building a company around a single company’s free service has its risks. If the company goes under, scraps its free service, or changes the rules of the game, you’re, well, Ninged. So while I’m a big fan of […]

Google Makes Friends with Twitter: The Social Web is Becoming Frictionless

Google has announced that users will now be able to join any of the nine million sites that use Google Friend Connect with their Twitter login. That’s great for users: one more quick and simple way to join sites without having to re-enter all of their information, choose a new password, etc. The bonus for […]

Great Implementation of Facebook Connect

Mashable’s Josh Catone highlights a brilliant use of Facebook Connect. One site that used Facebook Connect to great advantage is GirlsGuideTo, a social network that’s only for 20-something women. Normally, there’s no way on ensuring that all members of a “closed” network like that actually fit the criteria. If the gate keeping is compromised, then […]

Write Your Own Terms

This is starting to look familiar… Once again Facebook comes across as the heavy, and after a flurry of media coverage, has reverted to their old Terms of Service while they figure out how NOT to look like lawyers… (It’s very telling that the new ToS were announced on the Facebook blog by their “Corporate […]

Facebook Trips Again

Facebook recenlty updated its terms, deleting a section that said users could remove their content at any time, at which time the license would expire. At the same time, they added new language that said Facebook would retain users’ content and licenses even after an account was terminated. The company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, moved […]

PayPal & Facebook join OpenID

PayPal and Facebook have joined the OpenID Foundation, and will now work with the rest of the community. This is great news for new developers and social networking entrepreneurs, as Facebook brings their membership heft and User Interface chops, while PayPal brings their security experience and the potential of a payment platform tied into the […]

Elgg and SocialEngine Updates

With their recent version upgrades, both Elgg and SocialEngine are getting plugin upgrades. Elgg, which has the best support for open standards (OpenID and OpenSocial, and their own OpenDD initiative) and is arguably the most flexible, has posted several plugins on their site. More are being posted in the Elgg Google Group. A key plugin […]

Movable Type Pro and 4.2: Blogging Gets Social

I noted WordPress’s move into the social network platform arena earlier. Movable Type Pro and 4.2 is headed in the same direction with the addition of social networking features like profiles, ratings, user registration, forums, following, and more. Plugins are following, including a News Feed clone. As ReadWriteWeb correctly notes, these additions make the need […]

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