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Just Because You Can…

If you are starting a social networking site, it can be tempting to take advantage of the power of third-party APIs to build your membership. That’s the approach taken by The Whuffie Bank, and intriguing effort to measure online reputation. Using publicly-available profiles from Twitter and Facebook, they track your public activity on social networks […]

Interview: SocialEngine’s Charlotte Genevier

Webligo, the company behind SocialEngine and the upcoming Advious, began when Alex Benzer and Charlotte Genevier met at Pasadena Polytechnic high school in 2002. The two quickly became friends and began programming together. As they were putting the finishing touches on the SocialEngine v4.0 beta last month, Charlotte took some time to answer my questions […]

Social Networks and Security

It’s crucial that you fully understand the software platform that you are using to host your social networking site, and never just assume it’s secure. For example, regardless of which platform you use to run your site, you need to be aware of a common security fault: User profiles stored in a database with plain […]

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