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Leverage Your Passion into Profit
by Launching and Marketing a Successful Niche Social Networking Business!

Includes specific examples of winning formulas from actual sites, covering everything from finding the best social networking software to setting up multiple revenue streams!

Social networking sites have become an important part of day-to-day life for millions of people, thanks to sites like Facebook and MySpace.

As popular as these big sites are, though, the truth is the most lucrative opportunities don’t exist in copying the big players with their venture capital backing…

The real opportunities belong in niche social networks, launched by entrepreneurs like you.

But if you’ve spent any time looking around, you’ve noticed a huge number of deserted social networking sites, where nobody has a picture on their profile, there’s no interaction, and nothing’s happened in months!

These virtual ghost towns are often the result of some well-intentioned person having a great idea, buying some social networking software or using a free service like Ning, and then launching the site…

If only it were that easy to start a social networking business!

The same thing can happen to your social networking site unless you have the time and passion to put into it, along with a solid plan, a tight focus, and proven strategies to hit the ground running.

Of course, only you can make the time and find your passion…

But if you’re looking for up-to-date examples, new, market-tested business models, and proven strategies, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve spent a year researching, and interviewing social-prenuers from a whole range of networks, to uncover their insider secrets to successfully launching and marketing social networks, and I learned everything from…

…the single most important piece of advice Facebook’s Mark Zuckerman has ever given about starting social networks to the strategy that allowed a husband-and-wife team with a killer niche social network to pay off their start-up costs of $71,000—in in just 3 weeks….

…and more!

This is information that will save you months of valuable time, tens of thousands of dollars, and the untold grief of costly mistakes and failures…

You’ll discover the key strategies you’ll need to launch—or build—any type of niche social networking site, whether it’s in support of your brand or as a stand-alone business.

Even if you haven’t completely figured out what niche market you want to get into, I’ve included advice from social networking pros and exercises to help you unearth potential niche markets to get you started.

There’s even a strategy for when you can’t find a niche!

You’ll discover crucial information your need to know as you start your social network, including…

How to leverage “bad news” experiences to develop devoted users
4 Quick Steps to sizing up potential competition, and how to tell how healthy they are…
The 5 must-do quality checks to bullet-proof your network idea!
Why aiming at a “niche” market can help you compete against existing social networks 100x your size!
How to avoid the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when starting social networking sites.
Why kids are leaving Facebook and MySpace, and how to profit from their defection!
I’ll show you how to apply my “Insomnia Test” to gauge the passion potential of your social networking community.

How To Get Your First 2,000+ Members Quickly!

Social networks need a critical mass of members to attract new members. I’ll show you strategies winning networks have used to hit the ground running and launch with thousands of members.

Scoop up free traffic from Facebook and other sites.
How to attract “influencers” to your site, and get them to bring their networks with them!
Learn the newest strategy sites are using to gain new members by ditching the sign-up process altogether!
The one change you can make that will boost registrations and sign-ups by +14% overnight
How to find the perfect business partner to launch with 1,000s of members right away!

Learn How to Leverage “Social Psychology” to
Boost Your Membership!

Part of building your community is understanding the “social” side of social networks, which means understanding what makes people want to join a community like yours.

I’ve sifted through hundreds of studies, surveys, polls, and even academic journals (not light reading, let me tell you!) to bring you the latest research on…

Why turning people away from your site may be the best way to attract even more members.
Discover the 6 “weapons of influence” that you can leverage to get – and keep – members
Learn the difference between the reasons people say they would join a social networking site, and the actual reasons they do join.

Tap Into Market-Tested Business Models and
New Revenue Streams

Unless you’re starting your social network to support an existing brand, or as a hobby, you’ll need to create enough value for your members, partners, or advertisers that they’ll be willing to fork over their heard-earned cash to be a part of it!

I’ll tell you this much for free: Don’t rely on AdSense—those Google ads you see all over these days—to generate your revenue. Smart social entrepreneurs will discover multiple business models to generate revenue far beyond what you could get in a dozen years of AdSense!

In fact, I’ll show you the secrets niche social networks are using to earn advertising rates up to 2,000% HIGHER than Facebook charges!

Plus, once you build up a vibrant community, advertisers will be clamoring to reach them—and willing to pay for controlled access. You’ll learn the fundamentals of these “two-sided networks,” and how they can work for you.

You’ll learn about the two-sided social network that earns $999 for every “Verified” profile it sells to advertisers.

But you can also tap into the burgeoning market for virtual purchases—gifts or tokens your members can exchange or collect. Analysts estimate that virtual goods could bring in a billion dollars in the United States this year (and around $5 billion worldwide) all for images that, apart from perhaps a couple hours of work by an artist, cost nothing to make and feature a 100% profit margin!

You’ll also read about social networking sites that don’t charge a penny to join, but who earn great value from ethically mining the data their members produce during their social interactions.

Learn the Keys to Keeping Your Members Engaged!

Of course, getting someone to join is only part of the battle.

Then you need to find proven and effective ways to keep them engaged so they contribute, return, and build up your community.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

How to find users who will create up to 60% more content than other members…
Winning strategies for getting members to create full profiles
The simple feature one social networking site added that caused a 28% jump in pageviews!

best social networking software

Build, Buy, or Borrow:
Choosing the Best
Software or Platform for
Your Social Networking Site.

If you haven’t already done so, one of the big questions you’ll have to tackle is how to actually build your site.

The great news is that there are tons of options open to you when it comes to choosing your social networking software or platform. This special bonus report walks you through the choices you have, and helps you decide on the best social networking software
for your specific needs.

You’ll find out how much it costs to start a social networking site, how to get free software to run your site, and more. You’ll learn the pros and cons about popular social networking platforms like Ning, SocialEngine, Elgg, JomSocial, and others you’ve never heard of.

Since these programs often change, and new ones hit the market all the time, I’ve kept this as a separate bonus, which means you’ll get free updates every time a new version of this guide is released!

Plus, you’ll get unorthodox advice from entrepreneurs running some of the most successful sites on the Internet—like Ben Huh from I Can Has Cheeseburger—who will explain why you should encourage people to steal from you, not pay contributors, and not show too much love to your existing members!

successful niche social network case studies

Real-life “case studies” to Illustrate the Key Dynamics of Successful Social Networking Sites.

To help illustrate the key strategies in practice at real-life, successful niche social networks, you’ll also get detailed case studies of winning sites, including one that’s generating a profit from a surprising niche market!

This case study (see a sample below) provides real dollar values, revenue, and advertising rates, so you can understand the metrics.

(Screen capture from the actual case study)

And it’s yours FREE when you order The Hands-on Guide to Starting a Niche Social Network today!

Industry Updates Mean You’re Always Current!

Since the social networking industry is always changing, your purchase includes regular Industry Updates. Every new update to this guide will be delivered to your inbox as the eBook is updated—You get free lifetime upgrades!

I want you to benefit from the solid advice, detailed information, and useful resources I’ve packed into The Hands-on Guide to Starting a Niche Social Network, so…

Take a full month–30 days–to review the guide and put it into action. Try as many of the practical tips as you like.

Once you’ve used these strategies and seen the results, I’m sure you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just e-mail the eBook back to me and I’ll refund your entire payment…

Right up to the final day of this 30-day guarantee!

There’s no other source for such a complete package of information and real-life, proven resources!

You can get this 100+ page eBook, and the bonus case studies, for only $37  $27.97

And since it’s a digital download, you’ll access all of the real-life strategies and up-to-date information within minutes!

Here’s to your success!

Ric Mazereeuw

P.S. Remember, you can take a full month30 days to review the guide and put it into action. Try as many of the practical tips as you like.

Once you’ve used these strategies and seen the results, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just e-mail the eBook back to me and I’ll refund your entire payment…